-The artist-


Whom am I?




As I am a self-taught pastellist and an animal lover, it was inevitable that I favour animal paintings.

Born in Saint-Yorre, I am a member of the "Arts Bourbonnais" and a contributor in the Vichy Museum.
I am taking part in lot of artistic events and I had the honour among others to be awarded a prize in the International Exhibition in Corrèze in 2000 and I obtained the CYSL prize in the Yzeure Exhibition in 2002.

What is more creative, more sensuous, than the time when the life and the matter appear from pigments or pastel powder.
What is more exciting than the time when your drawing starts to vibrate and quiver; when the drawing becomes a presence, when a rough draft of eyes is transformed into a glance.
Suddenly in the silence of the workshop, the painter is under the strange impression he is not alone anymore.
This pastel, which needs to be guided without ever being forced, and stroken in order to be better subjected, is so magic.